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December 06 2011

Top Gifts for Law School Graduates

posted by Christy

There is still time to get terrific gifts for the law student in your life.  Here are some of our favorites for both law school graduates and college grads that will go on to law school:

Gifts for Soon to be Law Students

Magazine subscription to The WeekWhile it is important for law students to be current on what is happening in the world, at times it seems absolutely impossible to sit down a read a newspaper or skim multiple news websites. The Week is a current affairs magazine that provides a digest of the week’s news and editorial commentary to provide the reader with multiple viewpoints. I personally recommend this subscription. I read it every week and LOVE IT! You can get 4 free issues at Some other great magazines for law students include TimeThe EconomistNewsweek, and People (everyone needs a break, haha).

Executive portfolio. Law students need to look professional in meetings and job interviews and having a portfolio is essential. It provides a place to house business cards and documents and provides a place to take notes. Every law student I know has one or needs one, which makes it the perfect gift. Prices range anywhere from $30 to $350. Law students can probably wait to get an expensive one until they graduate. For now, a portfolio on the lower end of the price scale is appropriate. There is even the option of personalizing the portfolio for a custom look. Executive portfolios can be found at any office supply store. 

Bluebook. Unfortunately almost every law student will need to buy a bluebook. A bluebook is a legal citation book that every legal writing class requires. This is a great gift because the law student will also use it after graduation when writing legal documents for their firm. The bluebook can be purchased as an online resource or in print form at The print version is $18.50 and the online subscription for 3 years is $55.

Personalized stationary. Between networking and job interviews, law students write a lot of thank you notes and follow up remarks. Personalized letterhead or thank you cards are a great gift for any law student. VistaPrint or 123Print have great prices for these custom gifts.  

Other gift ideas. Some other gift ideas for law students include massage certificates, gas cards, mall gift cards (for suits or other business attire), and DVDs of their favorite shows.

Finally, not to be too corny, but the best thing you can give a law student is your understanding and support.   It means so much to a student to know that the people they love are behind them and not giving them guilt trips when they have to back out of social events or can’t talk on the phone everyday. 

Gifts for Law School Graduates

Apple iPad.  If you willing to pay around $600, then this is the perfect gift for a law school grad.  They will be able to use the iPad for their Bar review course and can use it as a new associate when they travel to and from work (if they commute on public transit) and they can use it during client meetings outside the office.  The iPad also has lawyer friendly apps like Fastcase to find state and federal statutes and cases and Oyez’s PocketJustice that let’s lawyers listen to Supreme Court oral arguments.

eReader.  If you don't want to spend a fortune on the iPad then an eReader might be the way to go.  Graduates from law school will finally find the time to read some personal books, especially the summer after graduation because most grads won't start work until early fall.  The most popular eReaders are the Amazon Kindle and the Nook.  These eReaders hold thousands of digital books that can be taken everywhere and books can be downloaded from any location.

Briefcase.  This can sometimes be a hard buy, but if you're willing to spend the money you usually can't go wrong with a Tumi briefcase.  High quality and a sophisticated, yet simple look.

Gift Cards.  If you can't decide what to get, a gift card is always appreciated.  Here are our favorites: iTunes, favorite local restaurant, local grocery store and Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards.



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About the Author: Christy

Christy graduated from law school in May 2011 and is now working for the U.S. Navy as a JAG. She is practicing as a military prosecutor and will move to military defense in December 2012. She is currently stationed in Florida and enjoys traveling, playing soccer, and watching Dexter and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


  1. Jim said on 2/28/12 at 6:40 PM

    If you are doing another “best gifts for law students,” I’d be grateful if you considered including my “Approach the Bench Chess Set.”  Last Christmas, the ABA Journal featured it, and it has recently been picked up by Haamacher Schlemmer.  Thank you for your consideration.

  2. LawTunes said on 5/29/12 at 7:47 PM

    These are all great suggestions. For something less traditional and certainly unique, as lawyers themselves The LawTunes humbly suggest their own CDs of original lawyer rock-and-roll.

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