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Which LSAT Should You Take in 2014?

Which LSAT Should You Take in 2014?

posted in Law School Applicants by Blueprint LSAT Preparation

Timing, as they say, is everything. There are four times per year you can take the LSAT: February, June, September/October, and December. Naturally, many students…continue

Today’s LSAT advice comes from our friends at Blueprint LSAT Preparation. Blueprint offers live LSAT classes throughout the country, as well as an online LSAT course for those who prefer studying on the couch.


March 19 2014

March Madness: Is Your Office Pool Illegal?

posted by Christy

Ahhh it's that time of year again.  March Madness brings heated water cooler debates over which teams will reach the final four and lunch money is used to enter the annual office pool.   While you have probably already set up your fantasy team and entered online pools you will surely spend the $5 to compete with your co-workers and hang your bracket proudly on your cubicle.

While, office pools usually consist of low wager bets they can add up. According to LazerWager, an online gambling site, office pools for the 2008 NCAA Men's basketball tournament were worth $2.5 billion with 27% of employees participating.

So are these office pools legal? Yes, if your office is located in Nevada, where sports wagering is legal and brings in more than $600 million a year; Montana, where it is legal as long as the… continue

February 17 2014

Studying Law in India- A Student’s Perspective

posted by Pranusha Kulkarni

I vividly remember that day, and that moment, when I finally decided to study law. I was 17, fresh out of the Pre-University Science College, looking for non-Science, and pro-English avenues, when I zeroed in on Law, from amongst options which included Literature, Journalism, Commerce, Business Administration, and the like. 

Five years have gone by and here I am, only a few months away from earning the degree I have chosen for myself – B.B.A., LL.B. In hindsight, when I look back over the past five years it’s hard to highlight only a few moments that stand out. Every moment that has passed by has taught me oodles of lessons that not even the best of law schools could have taught me.  Life with law has changed me and exceeded all my expectations!

In India, very much like in the U.S.A., there are two categories of law… continue

January 08 2014

How To Recover From Bad Fall Semester Grades

posted by Christy

The Lawyerist posted a great article on how to deal with less than steller law school grades.  First year law school grades definitely effect OCI interviews and your ability to find a job after graduation, but there are steps you can take to mitigate the impact of grades on your law school career.

The Lawyerist suggests that during OCI interviews, "There is no need to defend a grade unless they ask. If they do, direct them back to your other strengths. Something like “Yes, I was slightly disappointed in my grades. At the same time, I learned from [prior experience/work experience] that having [these skills] really helped me stand out in [prior experience.]  Lawyers do not remember their grades. If you can get an interview, show them why you would make an excellent clerk, and they may not even ask about your grades."

You can also be… continue

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Dissenting Opinions

Tales of woe from real law school students.

What happens when a law school's SBA website is more impressive than the actual school's itself?!? Doesn't that suggest maybe it's time for the school to bring itself up to the 21st century....for it's own sake and the sake of it's reputation. See for yourself. versus

– by Anonymous on 8/27/11 12:43 pm

I dozed off for a few seconds on the library toilet. I am really really tired.

– by Anonymous on 8/25/11 1:01 pm

If you are on law review, have a publishable article, and the Notes Editor does not like you, what do you do? Publish your note in another journal without telling him, of course.

– by Anonymous on 5/4/11 12:16 am

I never understand why we clap on the last day of class after the professor dismisses us and says good luck on the final.

– by Anonymous on 4/12/11 11:48 am

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